Day 11: The Massage was Needed

Today we had two more company visits ahead of us; first, to Delphi and then to the American Chamber of Commerce. Its crazy that these two are the last company visits of the whole trip! Most of the company visits so far have been more focused on the business side of things but Delphi seems like it would be more engineering based. Delphi Technologies provides solutions for emissions and fuel economy challenges, as well as electric vehicle and internal combustion engine propulsion solutions.

Delphi began with a presentation on the business side of things at their company, and the employee who presented actually went to the University of Pittsburgh and had a professor that some of the engineers on our trip have as an adviser! Once the presentation concluded we were split into two groups for a tour of the facility. The first room we went to was full of cars that they were testing. Then we saw other rooms that had different engine parts that they were also testing. Although I didn’t understand all of what our guide was saying about the mechanical parts, I know that the engineers enjoyed seeing the technology and machinery.


We stopped for lunch before the next company visit. One of the dishes at my table had a chicken foot in it and none of us were willing to try it, but another student at a different table tried it! He said it just tasted like chicken, I don’t know what else I was expecting.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, or AmCham for short, is the largest American Chamber in the Asia Pacific region. Here, two American men spoke to our group about what AmCham does and answered a lot of questions about Chinese economics and policies. AmCham is a non-profit organization that provides business information and resources, and is committed to promoting a strong business environment in China as well as strong commercial ties between the US and China.

After the AmCham presentation, my friend Sarah and I were talking to one of the program coordinators Yangyang about getting a massage later. Yangyang called and set up the appointment for us (since neither of us can speak Chinese) and we got on the bus to get back to the hotel. There was a good amount of traffic that day so we had to call and push our appointment back half an hour, and once we got off the bus at the hotel we just walked straight to the massage place. We made it there on time and picked out the essential oil scent that we wanted and once we were in the room we picked out what tea we wanted for when the massage was over.

The hour long massage was so relaxing. Sarah and I didn’t realize how much we needed that massage until realized how much better we felt afterwards. It was refreshing to spend some time on our own. After the massage, we drank our tea and relaxed for a bit longer before heading out to go get dinner. The rest of the group was out getting dim sum but we didn’t have enough time to go meet them there. Instead, just Sarah and I got dinner at a restaurant near the hotel and it was really good! We pointed to the pictures in the menu as usual to order and it worked out just fine.

I ended the day by working with my group to wrap up our final presentation. After that, we went out and explored the city some more. Its unbelievable that tomorrow is our last full day here!

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