Day 13: Home Awaits

Whelp! Made it to the last day. Waking up today I just wanted to close my eyes and appear back home. I felt an odd mix of excitement and sadness. Excitement because honestly, I had started missing home, certain foods, and I had become so exhausted during the two-week stay. I was a little sad because I realized that this really was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I feared that I may never return. I also realized that I may never mingle with some of these classmates and we may not even see each other on campus.

We gathered in the hotel lobby to recite our numbers for the last time (*queue the tears). We got on the bus and headed to the airport, checked in, and found our gates in fair time. I went window shopping around the terminal to kill time and then I realized I had to get my last bubble tea and I would cry if I didn’t get it!

So, I went on one last hunt for bubble tea and no exaggeration here, but it turned out to be the best bubble tea of the trip. Maybe I just wanted myself to think so, but it was really good and the cup it came in was so nice I was tempted not to throw it away. I soon decided lugging the cup around was too much of a headache, so I tossed it, but I will always remember it! Now any bubble tea I have will never be the same.


Thankfully the trip back home was 1,000 times more pleasant. It felt short to me as I whiled away time watching movies, eating, and napping. We started the trip by all watching Mulan alone but together. It had been forever since I watched the movie and I had forgotten how courageous Mulan had been. A little around the halfway mark I noticed that everyone else had fallen asleep and I was watching Mulan alone. Still a win though!

I have been travelling internationally for quite some time now but it I NEVER knew that the headboard on the seats were flexible and could be curved into a U-shape. As in no neck pillow needed, the head cushion holds your head in place. This new discovery made for a very peaceful and comfortable nap as my head wasn’t dangling in the air and tossing around. I don’t know why I never attempted to maneuver it and it took me so long to figure this out. I felt unusually dumb and intelligent at the same time.

As I sat on the plane, it dawned on me that I hadn’t even said a proper goodbye to some of my classmates. I had just gotten on the plane a little absent mindedly, being used to the fact that we would all be in the same place at the same time. Now we weren’t, but it was okay because we had two weeks of memories to make up for it.


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