Day 3: Sunshine Insurance Group & Xiaomi

Our day started out quite early as we headed to Sunshine Insurance Group. We were greeted and told about the company, some of the values, and their co-op programs. Then we proceeded to watch a 30-minute video on how the company was founded and developed. I expected to be completely bored by the video because it was 30 minutes long, but it was interesting, inspiring, and informative. I loved it because few successful people show their humble beginnings in such great detail and share how terrible everything was at the beginning. Many of them forget where they came from once they start making money. The video helped me to realize that what appears to be failure in the moment can really turn into something wonderful in the end. The difference between the creator of the company and many others is his resilience and ability to see success where others couldn’t. Who could have imagined that his insurance company would grow so quickly to become a Fortune 500 company in less than 5 years? The company continues to surpass boundaries and it was great to hear about it first-hand.

After the presentation, we took a tour of the company’s museum which was created as part of a celebration of their anniversary. We got to see the timeline of their growth. Then we went around company grounds in golf carts. The company site was like a city on its own. There were so many buildings, a tower, and so much open space and greenery. They were living in a totally different world. After lots of pictures and more tours, we left and headed over to Xiaomi.

A display of the Sunshine Estate

At Xiaomi, we listened to a presentation about the process of production of Xiaomi products. It was nice to see not only the technological aspect but also the business behind such a large company. We learned about how they value efficiency, leadership, workmanship, and friendship. Later on, we went into the mall to look at their products in their store. To say that Xiaomi sells everything would be a major understatement. They sold phones, laptops, kettles, pots, photographic drones, LED lights, and toothbrushes, to name a few. It was crazy because I couldn’t imagine walking into an Apple store and seeing such a broad range of products. Speaking of Apple, some of their laptops were named “Pro” and “Air” and I thought that was a little sketchy seeing as the major Apple laptops are the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. It was amazing to see that one company could produce such diverse products. I stood around the store in complete awe.

After Xiaomi, we headed back to the hotel. We wanted to try out McDonalds and Dominos to compare how they differed from their American counterparts. At Dominos they had pizza toppings like octopus, duck, potatoes, and shrimp, and base sauces like scrambled eggs and mayonnaise. It was interesting to see their interpretation of pizza and how it was normal to replace marinara with mayo or eggs. I was feeling uneventful and wanted a little taste of home, so I stuck to BBQ chicken pizza and I was grateful for that decision. BBQ is bae forever. Later on, we went to the mall and window shopped and tried out different candy, drinks, and snacks. I bought a blue Pepsi expecting it to have a blueberry twist to it, but it was literally Pepsi that was colored blue! So disappointing, but nonetheless, it was a great time.

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