Day Six & Seven: Sick Boi Chronicles

Late day five, seven of us started feeling very sick, and one guy ended up in the hospital. By midnight, our tour guides thought it would be a good idea to bring the rest of us to the hospitals, just to make sure that it wasn’t anything serious. Lilliana calls us a taxi and gets us to Beijing United Family Hospital. Both the doctor and the nurses who took care of us spoke English incredibly well, and luckily knew how to convert my height and weight measurements when I didn’t know them in metric. We get taken back to have blood samples tested, and IV bags to rehydrate our systems. Luckily it was only the afternoon in the states, so I was able to Facetime my parents and keep them updated on my situation. Luckily it turned out to not be anything too serious; the doctor believed it was bacteria in something we ate or drank causing stomach problems. After finishing my IV bag and making calls to the travel insurance company, I walked out of the hospital at about 4AM with antibiotics and rehydration salts in hand. At this point I was feeling more dead from the lack of sleep than any sickness I may have experienced, but I was in no shape to be getting up in an hour to hop on a bullet train to Xi’an.

Dr. Li and the other tour leaders thought it would be best if Lilliana and Gabi stay behind in Beijing with myself and the other sick bois so we could rest and recover. The next two days in Beijing were very relaxed, where I spent most of the days in bed sleeping or watching such cinematic masterpieces as the last half hour of Transformers: The Last Knight, and The Shallows. By the second day I was feeling so cooped up inside the hotel that I went for a short run on the treadmill on the top floor of the hotel. It was a nice view and I felt lucky to have the gym space because the air quality immediately outside the window was noticeably worse than it had been earlier in the week.

While I didn’t eat much over these two days, I did accidentally order a massive bowl of tomato and egg noodles from the hotel noodle bar. It was a great savory meal, even if I only managed to eat a quarter of what was in the bowl before I tapped out. I also found that white Gatorade in China isn’t Glacial Cherry, but an awesome grapefruit flavor that I loved.

Lilliana was incredibly supportive of us through our sick times and even treated us to dumplings on our last day in Beijing. Lilliana even tried paying for some things we were getting at the bakery but she had cared for us so much already by helping us get to the hospital that I felt like I owed her. Lilliana and Gabi were both a great help when we were traveling to Shanghai and I’m glad that they were willing and able to stay with the sick boi squad.

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