Delphi Technologies and American Chamber of Commerce

On the hottest day of the entire trip of course we had two company visits. First to Delphi Technologies and then to the American Chamber of Commerce.

Finally this visit was more catered toward engineers so it was a bit more bearable for me. The gentleman that made the presentation for us about Delphi actually went to graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh. Small world. He explained how he switched from an engineering perspective to a business one. He mentioned how when he worked in the states he was used as the translator for the Chinese business partners. Once they realized that he knew as much about business as the actual business employees, they promoted him and made him a major business component of the company.

We talked about the automotive industry and how important it is in China due to its large population of drivers and increasing pollution concerns. At Delphi they manufactured cars and performed several tests such as seeing how components ran in extreme temperatures. The main goal the portrayed was that they wanted to make electric cars more affordable to the general population. High end electric cars like Tesla are too expensive for a lot of people, and less expensive electric cars aren’t popular because they don’t look as good.

They told us that the believed that in 10 years less than 10% of drivers in china will be driving only gas using vehicles. If they are correct, that would make a huge difference in the smog that is now even effecting San Fransisco.

After Delphi we had lunch and they served us fried chicken foot. I tried it and it honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. And I tried the Chinese version of Coke and it tasted very different. It had way less sugar so I think it has to do with a sugar limit on beverages.

Next was the American Chamber of Commerce. The employees there were from America so it was the easiest conversation I had with someone that lived there throughout the entire trip. One was from Virginia and the other I honestly forget but it was in America. The talked a lot about the culture of shanghai and how its grown in the past years and how it will grow more in the future. One thing they explained to me that made a lot of sense is why all the fake brands are sold everywhere. The trademark and copyright laws aren’t as strict as they are in the US, so its a lot easier to steal ideas and brands.

Later that evening we decided to take a short trip for dinner and then play ping pong. There were 6 of us in total. We played round robin for seeding, and made a bracket based off of the seeds. I ended up getting first seed and second place overall. I mean I guess I’ll take it. Should’ve got first but oh well. After a much needed shower following a strenuous pong session, I laid back to some HBO and knocked out peacefully.

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