Germany Day 11: Presentations

Today was the long-awaited company analysis presentation day. The day began with our group meeting at the University around noon. We first ate lunch at Mensa, which was great as usual. Afterword, we practiced our presentation numerous times, making sure to finish under the strict 20-minute time limit. After a few hours, we got everything down, and we were ready to present.

Our group was second, following the BMW presentation. That presentation was pretty good, so it was a hard act to follow. However, I think our group did pretty well. We hit all the points that we wanted to convey, and we managed to stay under the time limit. The presentations were overall very good. It was very cool to see how all the different companies supplied to BMW. However, it was also neat to learn about how most companies were also independent in that they sold other products to other consumers too. It was an amazing feeling to be finished with the presentations; I was able to completely focus on embracing the culture and trying new things.

After the presentations, we all took a little break, and I napped. We ended the night in celebration at a local bar. It was good to be done with the work.

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