Germany Day 13: Salzburg!

Today was our last day on the trip. We were given the freedom to do whatever we wanted, so most of the students decided to go to Salzburg, Austria. Although it wasn’t in Germany, this was one of the best parts of the trip.

The plan for the day was, for the most part, tentative. We pretty much just did stuff as we went. This ended out being pretty inefficient as we walked around in circles numerous times. There were multiple times when everyone stopped and realized that we just walked in a large circle and went nowhere. Despite this, the trip to Salzburg was amazing. The town was so beautiful, with historic buildings and the alps in the background. We originally thought we wouldn’t have enough time, so we walked around at a fast pace to see everything. This pace became a little annoying when we decided to walk up to a castle built on a mountain. The incline was steep, and everyone was exhausted by the time we reached the top. The view was worth the agony though, as we could see the entire town and the surrounding area. It was truly a beautiful view. After coming down, we continued to tour the town, and we saw multiple churches, small souvenir shops, and lots of cool architecture. Of course, we also had to eat doners and ice cream. After we had pretty much seen the entire town, Stephen recommended that we visit a bridge from The Sound of Music. Although I had never seen this movie, the beauty of Salzburg alone made me consider watching it. After crossing the bridge, everyone was fairly worn out, so we decided to just sit down by the river and enjoy the warm weather and pretty scenery. This relaxation was honestly my favorite part of the day.

After our two-hour river break, it was time to return home. We eventually got back (albeit almost missing the train). When we finally arrived back at the hotel (after getting some more ice cream of course), it finally set in that it was time to return home. I was pretty bummed to the leaving, but at the same time I was glad that I could see my family and friends back at home.

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