Ocean East International Logistics

It was an early morning rise for everyone to take our trip to Ocean East International Logistics. This is an intermediate shipping company that helps companies get their goods to their customers. We discussed the work force problem, and how the younger population of China is much smaller than the older population. This creates a problem when all the older generations cant work anymore, and there aren’t enough people available to fill the jobs.

After our lecture about the company and what they do, we visited the warehouse where we saw autonomous fork lifts. We stood there a while just watching these machines drive around moving boxes all by itself without any driver. The employee that was showing us the warehouse explained how they were very expensive to buy, but over time it pays for itself.

After we were finished visiting Ocean East International Logistics, we took a bus to get another lunch filled with foods that I was unaware of the contents. After that, we took the bus to the Yang Shan port, the largest deepwater port in the world. On the way, we crossed the second largest bridge in the world. I can’t remember exactly how long it was but I think it was in the range of 30 kilometers. While crossing the bridge, there were wind mills in the middle of the water that helped to generate electricity. Once we got to the island that the port was actually on, there were big red cranes stretching beyond sight in both directions. It is really hard to actually comprehend how big it actually is because you can’t physically see it all at once.

We stopped at a small mountain that had the name of the port on it to take pictures.


From there you could see just about as much of the port that is possible to see at once. There were yards full of 40 meter containers that are big enough to fit a small truck.

For our free time that night after returning from Yang Shan port, a few people decided to check out another artistic area of China. There were galleries everywhere of all different styles of painting and drawing.

On top of the art we found a little ice cream shop where I had a flavor of ice cream called blind mango. It was pitch black, but tasted very good.


For dinner the few of us that were out found a Mediterranean restaurant because we were so tired of eating Chinese food all the time. When we ordered and got 3 extra orders of fries the waiter asked us for confirmation of our order because he was so surprised at how much food we ordered. I got a burger with a lamb and beef patty on it. I got to say it was the best burger I’ve ever had simply because I was so ready to eat a burger after all of that Chinese food.

Exploring the depths of Shanghai was very interesting and fun. I did everything I could to see as much as I could and I’m glad I got to see what I did.


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