Reflection: “…but we never knew we’d look back and cry at the times we laughed”

Once in a lifetime. Those 4 words describe my experience on this trip. Whenever someone asks me how my trip was, loads of memories flood my mind and I answer “it was amazing! I miss it so much, it was seriously a once in a lifetime experience.” People would sometimes reply asking if I’d go back?

In a heartbeat I would, and then I thought about it even more. While I would happily go back, part of the trip that made this what it became was all because of the people! And even if I went back with them all again and did the same things, it still wouldn’t be the same. It was the experience of all of the firsts along with the group. I never would’ve thought we would all get this close in such a short amount of time! Even though we had classes for a couple months before, largely in the 2 week period we went from all of us basically being complete strangers to crying in the airport when we had to say goodbye and part ways until the next semester.

Plus3 was something I knew for some time that I had wanted to participate in for the opportunity to study abroad so early on in my college experience. Not many other colleges offer freshmen students this chance, and the 2-week time period is a perfect introduction to studying abroad. I chose Germany because of it’s focus on the automotive industry, and while I definitely am more educated in this field, I learned so much more! I would recommend Plus3 to anyone considering studying abroad at Pitt. You get so much more out of it then what they tell you. Also I wouldn’t think I would say this about a close to $5,000 trip, but it truly is a ‘bang for your buck.’ If you tried to do/pay for everything we did on your own, I guarantee you’d find 2 things: you’ll exceed the cost and you can’t even do some of the things we did. It’s a unique experience no matter which location you go to (personally I recommend Germany, but I’ve heard great things about the other trips too)! 

I couldn’t have asked for a better time with a better group of people. Each person brought something to the group and Arielle and Dr. Feick were absolutely amazing on the trip as well. I want to thank you both, as well as Sonja and Simon, for everything you did for us on the trip and being awesome people in general! You all truly made this trip an even better experience. I’m so glad that we all got to know each other so well, maybe more than we had initially intended, but it all adds to the trip experience 🙂

My experience still feels surreal and sometimes I happy cry thinking about it all. I miss the trip a lot, but especially the people. I can’t wait for the union at Dr. Feick’s house to see everyone again!

I could sit here and type forever going on about how amazing the trip was, but I’ll save us the time, as my previous blogs summarized my unbelievable experience with a day-by-day breakdown!

And with this I say my final farewell and sign off one last time. Germany- Thanks for all the memories, all the laughs, and even the cringe-worthy moments…Its been a blast!



P.S. this post has me crying happy tears :’)

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