Day 10: Back to School

My day began with an exploration of our final breakfasting location. I think the spread at this hotel was by far the most impressive (although their bacon didn’t hold up to Penta Hotel’s standard). My favorite, of course, were the dumplings and steamed pork buns, but they also had some great Asian pears (a few of which I took with me for a snack).

The bus ride to the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) was a bit louder than usual, as we all caught up with each other more.

There was a lecture on Doing Business with China (I did find it a bit odd that we got a business lecture at a science school, but I digress) which was thankfully in an air conditioned room, since it was already almost unbearably hot out. After this we were sent off in groups of two to explore campus and get lunch with ECUST students. My guide, Michelle, was actually an English major, and I think most of the other students were too.

We were led to the university canteen, and had what seemed like a pretty standard cafeteria lunch (actually, a very high standard). Afterwards, Michelle and her friend took four of us to get ice cream; when we got back, Liliana seemed a bit jealous and ended up leading everyone else to get ice cream too. If there was ever a day to get ice cream, this was it.

After the whole ice cream experience, we were led back to the first room (yay, air conditioning). Since it was too hot outside, Jane and Young decided to host activities for us inside. We played something like musical chairs, except while the music was played a “thing” had to get passed around, and if you were stuck with it, you had to go to the front and do “something”. “Something” really meant anything, as some people sang, some danced, some performed talents, and some told jokes (I told the ham sandwich joke, but that’s not important).

Later, back at the hotel, I got my first taste of Mahjong (Alana had bought a set, and decided to teach some people how to play). A group of us (me, Alana, Jimmy, and Erin) had a few things we wanted to do: one was go to the noodle place that Liliana had taken the seven guys to their first night in Shanghai, and another was to see Shanghai Tower (the second tallest building in the world…!). After an hour of searching, we failed our first goal. We just couldn’t find the place.

At this point we were starving, so we just went to the mall nearby to eat at the Pizza Hut. But this was no American Pizza Hut. This was actually a classy establishment, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat normal, boring Pizza Hut ever again. We got two small pizzas to share between the four of us: one with just about everything they had in the kitchen on it (very good), and one Peking Duck pizza (phenomenal, 10/10).

A quick subway ride later, we were at the base of Shanghai Tower. It was truly a spectacular experience. The whole rest of Shanghai looked insignificant from the top of the Tower. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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