Day 11: Presentations Day!

Today was presentation day.  We were due to meet and begin the presentations at 5:30pm, so all day beforehand everyone was focused on their presentations and perfecting their work.  My group decided to meet at 1pm for lunch at the Mensa.  Since we had time in the morning, Jackie, Gemma, and I walked down to the strawberry stand that we have been eyeing since we got to Augsburg.  The cute little stand is shaped like a strawberry and sells fresh strawberries, as well as other fruits and vegetables, every day.  It is right next to a coffee shop, so I got an iced coffee as well that was so much better than the Dunkin and Starbucks that I get back home.

Once we got back to the hotel, we sat in the lounge area downstairs and stole some Nutella packets to put on the strawberries.  The berries were really fresh and sweet, some of the best that I’ve had in a long time!  After enjoying our strawberries, we got working on the individual slides that we were in charge of for the presentation.  While we were in the middle of working, Anna came down and announced that she was going to get her ear pierced by herself.  Jackie and I were not about to let her go get her cartilage pierced alone, so we packed up our work and went with her to the German piercing shop.

After our surprisingly eventful morning, we left for the university to meet with our group.  We got lunch tickets to use at the Mensa, so we put the German students’ lunches on our plates so they got free lunch as well.  My plate was so full that I definitely got some side eyes and raised eyebrows because it looked ridiculous for me to be getting all of this food for “myself,” but once I split it up among three people, it made much more sense.

After another delicious lunch at the Mensa, we spent the rest of the afternoon going through our project and smoothing out the issues that we still had with it. After practicing a few times and fighting to get our timing under the 20-minute limit (our first runthrough was 34 minutes long…), we changed into our business clothes and went to the room in which presentations were meant to take place.

We met for presentations at 5:30 and drew numbers from a hat to establish the order we would present in.  I was hoping SGL would get 2, but we picked 4.  At first, I was disappointed to not go second; however, after BMW went I was happy to not have to directly follow them.  Since they had the most interesting company, it makes sense that BMW had the coolest presentation.

After the 3 groups went and we took a small break, it was my group’s turn to present.  Our presentation went really well even though we pushed the time limit a tad.  Luckily, we didn’t get cut off and we were able to finish strong.

Once all of the presentations finished, my group went to a popular pizza place on campus to celebrate.  As always, dinner was delicious and the mood this time was light and fun because we were all so relieved to be done with our project.  Today is also Jeremy’s birthday, so after pizza we celebrated with him before calling it a night because we have a busy day tomorrow!

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