Day 12: Delphi Technologies and American Chamber of Commerce

Today was another day full of company visits. First was Delphi Technologies, a company that develops combustion engine and electric drive train technologies. This was an exciting company for me to visit because the person talking to us was the first engineer we had met on the trip. Hearing someone talk about engineering concepts and their engineering education was a refreshing change from the business heavy prior company visits. The Delphi engineer got his PhD in mechanical engineering from Pitt, and his instructor was Dr. Slaughter, who is the undergrad coordinator for mechanical engineers and will be one of my teachers in my sophomore year. After years of doing engineering he eventually switched to sales because of the potential for higher earnings. This reflects my career plan of eventually crossing over from engineering to a more business/management position. We took a tour of Delphi’s factory, but I had no idea what anything was or what anyone there was doing because I know nothing about actual engineering. The business kids were even more confused.


After leaving Delphi we had a delicious lunch that included several new and curious dishes such as goat feet. Our table at lunch did not have one of the rotating tops. This proved that a spinning table is truly the way to go as we struggled to pass dishes around the rectangular table. The next and final company visit for this trip was the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, or Amcham. Their job is to represent the business interests of American companies in the city, provided a middle man between business and the government, and to enable companies to collectively bargain for policies that help them. This presentation was 100% business focused and, to be honest, was one of the most boring things I have ever sat through in my life. The business kids, however, were very interested in Amcham and asked a lot of very long, complicated questions about things I didn’t understand. On the way out, though, the visit was salvaged because I saw a puppy!!! I got to pet the good boy and I was very happy as it was the first puppy I had seen in a while.


Good Boy!

That night, we walked to a nearby mall to get dinner with Gabi, Jane, Young, and Liliana. We went to a Dim Sum restaurant, and the food we ate there was brand new and amazing. We had some standard stuff like dumplings, soup, and ribs, but the best dishes were cheese custard tarts and egg custard steamed buns. The egg buns were the best food I’ve eaten on this trip. They were so good we ordered seconds and then thirds. The end of the trip was approaching and at this point I was completely worn out, so we took it easy at night and had an amazing mahjong tournament. We placed some bets, and if I understand the scoring correctly, I lost 10 yuan, or about $1.7. After some great mahjong, I went to sleep sad the trip was almost over but excited for our last day in China.

Egg bun

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