Day 12: Saying Our Goodbyes

Today we went to Baindlkirch for a Bavarian breakfast and Oberammergau, a small alpine town.  We took the bus to a restaurant in Baindlkirch where we were given the opportunity to have a traditional Bavarian breakfast.  This consisted of pretzels, weisswurst, and for all the other tables but ours, beer at 9:00am.  The weisswurst were served in a large pot of water, all connected in a chain.  To eat them, you had to cut a sausage from the chain and then take the casing off.  They were served with a sweet mustard and were surprisingly very good.  Jeremy and I went to go buy the mustard to bring back to the U.S. but the lady right in front of us got the last jar.


We all then got back on the bus and drove Oberammergau.   The town was filled with little shops and cafes, making it quite peaceful.  Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy so there was some discussion of not taking the gondola to the top of the mountain because we may not be able to see much.  However, I pretty much made the decision for the group that we should try it and see how the view is.  The gondola could only take about 8 people at a time and I was the second last group up so there was a little bit of waiting around.  Eventually we got on the gondola and went up the mountain.  The view was absolutely spectacular on the way up.  You could see perfectly until we got into the low lying clouds near the very top.  On one side of the mountain, you could see over the whole valley with Oberammergau on the center.  On the other side of the mountain, there was a steep drop off and you could see the other mountains in the distance.


Later that night was the goodbye dinner.  The dinner was held at the Ratskeller, a very nice restaurant in Augsburg.  The food was amazing but it was very sad saying goodbye to all the German students.  I really enjoyed the time I spent with them and really consider many of them my friends.  I’ll really miss my group members, Jan, Marius, and Felix who I had a lot of fun working with and had a lot of laughs.  I really consider many of the students my friends and hope to stay in contact with them.  That night we went out with many of the German students to enjoy one last night together.

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