Day 13: We’re Not in Germany Anymore

Ahh! It’s our last day here. Where did the time go? Two weeks already?!?! Unbelievable.

To finish our trip, we were given a free day. One of the German students had suggested going to Austria for our free day. It was only a 2-3 hour train ride away and with this ticket deal it would only cost us 10 Euros each. How could you possibly pass this opportunity up? The chance to visit another country!

The 14 of us going to Austria started our day at 8. The train was at 8:39, but we had to buy the tickets and find the train and such. We were buying this ticket called the Berlin ticket which allowed 5 people to be on each ticket for 49 Euros, or about 10 Euros per person. The catch was that the ticket wasn’t valid until 9 AM, but our train to Munich was at 8:39. Rather than waiting to take the 9:06 train, we decided to take our chances and hop on the earlier one. Thankfully no one checked our tickets and we made it to Munich in one piece. From there, we had to hop onto another train to get to Salzburg. We only had 20 minutes between trains, so we had to rush to find the track. I was really hungry too. Luckily, we found the track pretty quickly and me and Ally had enough time to run and get a pretzel for breakfast. We get to the track and apparently a few people stopped at the bathroom on the way. The train was leaving in a few minutes and they still weren’t back, so we started freaking out a bit. Fortunately, everyone made the train just in time and we were in the clear.

We arrived in Salzburg around noon, so our first thoughts were, obviously, food. After leaving the train station, we found a little strip of food places to eat at. We split into 3 groups because some of us were concerned about wandering around Austria in such a big group. The one group of 3 people took off, but my group and the other decided to stick together after eating. No one really had a plan, but Stephen embraced the position of tour guide.

I didn’t know this beforehand, but apparently the Sound of Music was filmed in Salzburg, so we decided to explore a lot of the places seen in the movie. We were on our way to some palace that looked interesting when we ran into the gardens used in the movie. Of course we stopped to see it. They were really pretty, but I’m not the biggest flower person and I’ve never seen the Sound of Music, so I wasn’t astonished or anything.

From there, we made our way to the palace that we were originally on our way to. Above the palace was a fortress. We had talked about going up to it, but we only had like 6 hours in Austria, so we figured it wouldn’t be the best use of our time. The palace was really cool. There were a bunch of historic buildings and statues and art all around us. We took tons of pictures and stopped in way too many souvenir shops. I ended up buying these candies called Mozart balls which are apparently a staple of Salzburg. They looked kind of gross, but who knows, maybe they’ll be good.

It was really fun being all touristy haha. We actually tried exploring the whole palace and ended up taking these stairs. I thought they just took us to another part of the palace, but it actually ended up taking us up the mountain. There were a lot of stairs, but it was nothing compared to the Munster tower, so we were fine.

We reached the top of the stairs and realized where we actually were. We were so close to reaching the fortress at the top that it would be stupid of us to not finish the climb we started. There was only a bit of a hike left, but this hike was steep. It was somewhat rough, but more than worth it. At the fortress, we were going to look around inside of it, but it cost 10 Euros to tour it and we were all too cheap to pay it. Looking back at it, maybe we should have, but oh well. Anyways, we walked back down a bit and took some pictures, then left to explore the rest of Austria.

Next was a church. It was really pretty, but, again, I wasn’t blown away by it. From there, we explored this cute little market in the palace. Now, every day of this trip I’ve eaten ice cream, so we couldn’t stop now. We passed tons of ice cream places earlier, but somehow they all disappeared and we couldn’t find any. Well, at least not any that met our ice cream standards. While on our quest for ice cream, we actually ended up passing Mozart’s birth place. It was a cute little building, nothing extravagant or anything.

After we finally found some ice cream, we started to make our way back to the center of town, closer to the train station. Since we had to cross a river to get back, we ended up crossing some Mozart bridge, which was also used in the Sound of Music.

We had decided to meet in front of the train station at 5:45 to catch the train, but we were a little ahead of schedule. On the other side of the bridge there was a grassy area where we all sat and napped and sunbathe. A little bit later, we headed to get some dinner before leaving Austria. The other group that my group joined up with had eaten at a döner place for lunch and they raved about how good it was. Therefore, everyone else had to try it too, so we went there for dinner. We ate and it ran a little late, which meant that we were late to meet the other group too. Thankfully, not so late that we missed the train. We got the train and our time in Austria was officially over.

Once we got to Munich, Gemma and I stopped at Starbucks because she needed to buy a mug for someone. While I was there, I realized that I never bought a gift for my Grandpa, so I decided to buy a mug too, but I had to wait in line and everyone else was already on the train. Apparently I was taking so long that I got a call from Josh yelling at us because the train was going to leave soon. We were fine. We made the train with loads of time to spare and off we went, back to Augsburg, finishing our last day in Germany.

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