Day 7: Munich and The Trains

Today was wonderful mixed with some small disasters.  We left for Munich around 9:45 on a train that was absolutely packed due to the Bayern Munich game in the city today.  The cart we were on was so full that most of us couldn’t even get seats; therefore, Dr. Feick and Arielle came up with the plan for us to run off at the next stop and try for a different train cart.  To sum it up, the plan absolutely failed.  We got off of the cart and since every other one we went to was fuller than the last, we ran back to the original cart to find that the door wouldn’t open for us.  Suddenly the train started rolling away, and the group members left on the train watched through the window as they left us on the platform.  Seventeen of us plus Arielle were left on the platform with a lot of stress and no tickets.  Arielle called Dr. Feick (who funnily answered with a simple “how’s it going?) and they created another plan for us to get onto the next train going to Munich and to meet up with the others on the train in two stops.  This plan, luckily, worked smoothly and ended up much more successfully than the last.  We got on the train, which was as equally packed as the last one, and set off to Munich.

We arrived in Munich and headed straight out to our city tour, during which we saw the main squares, buildings, and sights in the city.  I paid extra attention to this tour because I am going to be returning to Munich during my extra week in Germany.  I took note of a few of the sights that we passed (especially the glockenspiel show) and sights that I found during our free time in the city that I would like to go back to.

We began our afternoon by having lunch at the iconic Hofbrauhaus.  At the Hofbrauhaus, I tried traditional sausages and a side of au gratin potatoes.  I am admittedly very glad for the potatoes, because the sausages weren’t for me.  Something about the flavor threw me off too much to enjoy them as my meal (I ended up giving most of them away to Eric and Josh).  Even though I didn’t love my meal, eating at the Hofbrauhaus was a fantastic, traditional experience in Munich.  We sat at a huge table that spanned the length of the room and were surrounded by other tourist groups and German kids running around playing different tag-like games and make believe on stage.  Downstairs, there was a band playing traditional German music and people clinking their beers together and singing along to the music ringing throughout the building.

The one thing that we did not get at the Hofbrauhaus was ice cream, so that was our next stop after lunch.  We finally found a place that suited our needs and stopped there for some creamy scoops and also stopped in the gift shops nearby.  After a few people purchased some souvenirs for their families back home, we made our way to the Viktualienmarkt in the center of the city.  This open-aired market is full of different stands selling flowers, honey, meats and cheeses, fruits, and other souvenirs and trinkets.  We spent some time admiring the collection of goods being sold throughout the market and then made our way to some stores!

While we were out in the city, we saw the BMW concept car that I mentioned in a previous post!  The SUV covered in a recognizable pattern drove by and all of us stared in awe that we just saw the same secret car we had learned about in our BWM talk.  It was so fun to know the speciality behind the car, while no one else knew to pay close attention to it.

We met back with the whole group later in the afternoon in Marienplatz in order to leave for dinner together since it was a bit of a walk from the center of town.  We ate at a really delicious hamburger place, my burger had roasted pair, gorgonzola, and walnuts on it.  My burger was great, but the best part of the meal was getting water as I had gone all afternoon without it and, like many others in the group, I was incredibly thirsty and in desperate need of that water.

We left to go back to Augsburg after our tasty dinner.  To continue our luck with trains, we ended up running through the Munich station in order to catch the train – dodging around children, elders, luggage, and finally the closing train door that we got open just in time.  The train home was full of drunk fans in their bright red Bayern Munich jerseys all still drinking and loudly enjoying the ending of their day together.  It was another long ride back, and another exciting and exhausting day that tired me out and made me immediately ready for sleep.

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