The Homeward Haul Day

May 19

Well… it’s over. And now I have to endure this absurdly long plane ride home. At least there are some good movies on the plane (and I’m in the middle seat again). We woke up today and had an hour drive to Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Security at the airport was a little odd. I don’t think it was necessarily more intense, but they made you put everything through a metal detector when you first walk into the airport, then you check your bags and get your boarding pass, and then go through another check point that is more similar to the security in the United States. But the second security check was not as thorough or strict I felt as in the US (a little surprising considering we had to give our fingerprints when we first landed).

Part of what sucks about this flight is that I am not really sure when I should try to sleep if I wanted to start the process of readjusting to US time (staying up all night the first trip did miracles to adjust me). I am also not looking forward to airplane food either. I got a big meal from Burger King (which was annoyingly hard to find) in the airport right before I boarded in an attempt to be full as long as possible. But I guess hot food is hot food and it’s better to stay full than be hungry in a small seat, one less thing to worry about, right?

So, I watched Pretty in Pink (one of the movies on my list by recommendation from my parents) and it wasn’t bad, not great but entertaining. I decided to knock out another movie on my list, Going in Style, and it had me laughing pretty hard at some points. Then I was going to watch the newest Spiderman movie, but the beginning just reminded me that all of the sudden, Marvel has intertwined all of their superhero movies and you can’t watch one of them without watching all of the others (I need a week that everything is shut down by a blizzard to do that). I also played some more golf on the screen, but this plane is much older, and the touch screen doesn’t work well, so every time I tried to hit a shot I had to press the screen pretty hard and I was just waiting for the person in front of me to turn around and ask me to stop pushing on their seat.

I was finally able to stand up. And since this flight is going the same way as the first one, I decided that I would again stand for an entire hour. I’m pretty sure I looked at every person’s screen that you can see from the back of the plane.

After sitting back down, I watched Jumanji because my Mom had mentioned something about one of my brother watching it, but she had no idea which one or when they had watched and she was confused. It was ok. It had a good story for the most part, but the ending was rushed. Also, I grew up watching bits and pieces of the Robin Williams Jumanji movie in school, so I thought the tie between the two movies was kind of odd. However, they did make the most out of the scenario they created. Finally, I had to watch a great movie, so I went with one I had seen and may be my favorite movie ever: Baby Driver.

I’m back! Back in the (Chicago) groove! – Kiss

This was the first time I got to use my global entry membership and it was very easy. But then I almost wasn’t able to find what gate my connection was at. But it worked out because I’m home now and Plus3 China was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

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