Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarship

I would like to thank the Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarship for helping me financially for the Plus3 program this summer. I was so excited when getting accepted into the program to China because it would be my first time there. Following the acceptance to Plus3, I received a message about getting the Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarship. I was so happy because it would help me so much with my traveling expenses. Even for just two weeks, going to China can be pretty expensive, but this scholarship allowed me to worry less financially so I could experience Chinese culture to the fullest. Almost all students want the chance to study abroad, but can’t because of the money. I am beyond grateful to have received this scholarship so I could have the opportunity to study in a place that I have been dreaming about visiting for most of my life.

The focus of this trip was the smartphone industry, and we had visited many companies such as Xiaomi, Delphi Technologies, Ocean East International Logistics, etc. In addition to smartphones, we learned a great deal about technology development in China as well as the supply chain industry. This was really cool because I am particularly interested in supply chain management. The company visits were very informative and had answered all of our questions. It was nice to see how business was run in China compared to the United States. We had also learned about the cultural aspects of China and a lot of the history with many of the sites that we visited. China is covered with historical sites just waiting for curious people like us to explore and learn about. Traveling to sites such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City really opened my eyes because they are very different to places at home. They also play a very important role in China’s history and it is amazing to see how China’s society has grown since then. Another interesting thing to learn and experience in China was the type of lifestyle people live. We had visited Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai which were more fast-paced. They were heavily populated areas and nothing really slowed down there, which was one of the things I had expected coming into the trip. They are not too different from city life here, but are still a more rapidly growing population than in the United States.

As summer 2018 will soon come to an end in late August, I plan to continue my education in the College of Business Administration intending to pursue a double major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. I will possibly include a certificate in Business Analytics, but I am not sure at the moment. I will use what I have learned on this study abroad experience to my advantage in the business world here in the U.S. as I have become a more well-rounded student. This trip has enhanced my global perspective so much and I am very thankful that the Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarship allowed me to be apart of such an amazing program. Plus3 China has been an unforgettable experience.

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