5/14-Deadly Arms

We visited Kuka today. Kuka is a fairly well-known company that supplies their signature orange robot arms to companies all around the world, including BMW. They began with an incredible presentation with robots moving around different objects that projected videos about the company to us. The room was lit with orange flashing lights and any section of the room we walked to lit up by itself. The presentation value was incredibly high for a company not really marketing to consumers. I was interested as to why they would focus so much on marketing to us when they sell to suppliers. During the showcase, someone grabbed the robot and shut down the rest of the presentation, which was pretty disappointing. There is still some debate as to who it could have been…. (Jeremy). But the day went downhill from there, unfortunately.

The presentation was, as Dr. Feick so eloquently said, “deadly”. We took a factory tour that couldn’t have been any more dull. How do you make robots boring? How do you make the incredible sight of robots making robots boring? The presenter found a way. I almost fell asleep listening to her monotonous voice. The presentation that followed was not any better. It was hot and way too long. The two presenters felt the need to both answer each question about four different times while somehow saying nothing. Oh well, not everyone can be BMW or Continental.

We got back and grinded out more work on the project. We are at the point of almost being ready, I think! We have not met at all yet but each individual component is done or close-to-done. Even though today was a bit slow and dull, I am grateful to be in a new location sharing experiences with new friends. There is nothing slow or dull about that.

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