5/7-Experiencing Augsburg

We had another excellent day. We began by visiting the University of Augsburg and met our groups for the presentations we will be giving while here. We worked for about an hour on our introductory presentations and gave them to our fellow students. I was able to work pretty well with the students and we had a good start to our work here with them. Once we finished, we went outside for a campus tour. We met up with some older students who will be studying at Pittsburgh soon! They gave us a tour of their campus including some impressive sports facilities and a cafeteria that is definitely better than Market Central. I had a bit of trouble ordering my food because the cafeteria workers only speak German, but it worked out in the end. We spent the rest of the day on a scavenger hunt through Augsburg, stopping to take pictures in front of fountains and asking random people when Augsburg celebrations occurred, etc. The coolest thing we saw was an old crypt under a beautiful church that had the beautiful grave of clergymen from the church. We grabbed some ice cream in the town square. I got coffee mixed with vanilla ice cream, something I want to have again before I leave. We ended the long and tiring afternoon at a brewery where we sampled some different kinds of beer. There was also a huge slide at the brewery we enjoyed sliding down. We ended the day at an Italian restaurant with some great pizza only rivaled by Pie Express on Forbes and Spezi, a mixture of Coke and Fanta that is quite popular here. In the evening, we went out and played some pool. It was an exhausting, yet rewarding day. Can’t wait for more!


So far, the trip has been exciting and new. What I think has wowed me the most is the natural beauty of a smaller city and the history that so apparently has seeped into the town culture. Your average house or business here is in a building with a design so foreign to the United States. That is pretty special. I look forward to everything new I get to see this trip.

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