Day 5: Cinderella’s Castle

Today is the day we would be visiting Neuschwanstein Castle. This was the day I was pretty much the most excited for before coming on the trip as the castle looked exactly like a Disney castle in photos and looked absolutely breathtaking (it was). To get to the castle we had to take a bit of a hike up a hill to get to it, which I was told would be great preparation to for tomorrow where we would be climbing the steps in Ulm. Upon arriving to Germany, I was pretty out of shape and the great German food was not helping my figure, therefore the hike for me definitely left me gasping for breath but it was also worth it as the view was amazing.



Once reaching the castle we found that we had a bit of time to spare before our tour begin, with this extra time I went to the cart outside the castle to buy some souvenirs. I ended up buying a book that showed pictures of the inside of the castle and discussed the history of it. I am happy I ended up doing this as photography ended up being prohibited inside the castle. After I bought my souvenirs I found that it was our groups time to head in so we went in the begin the tour. The tour was very interesting as the castle wad actually not that old, this was unique as to me I always imagined castle being over 500 years old while this castle was built in 1886. The fact that the castle was relatively new made it unique as it had sinks and things inside that you would not see in a castle if it was built over hundreds of years ago.

After the tour and before heading back down the mountain I took lots of photos along the way as you could see the Swiss Alps from the top and it was beautiful. The photo I attached actually is now my phone background.


After taking photos we headed down to the bottom of the hill where we would be taking the bus to Fussen. Once in Fussen a group of us got ice cream and we ate it before heading to the church in Fussen.


The church was very beautiful inside and once again I was struck by the ornate details inside. Churches in America were very beautiful but none of them compared to this one which include heavy amounts of detail to every inch inside. After leaving the church we then were able to get doughnuts which apparently was a big deal as the previous year students were unable to do so.




With our bellies now full of ice cream and delicious doughnuts we headed back to Augsburg to rest for the night and be prepared for the dreaded climb in Ulm.

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