Thomas Angelo Honor Scholarship

Firstly, I would like to thank Dean Arjang Assad, the Office of the Dean in the College of Business Administration, and the Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarships for this great honor. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have received the Plus3 Study Abroad Scholarship during my Plus3 trip to Germany. Plus3 was the single greatest experience I’ve ever had. It allowed me to delve deep into the German culture and see things that I had only seen in pictures or learned about in classrooms. Sites such as the Neuschwanstein Castle, the gondola ride to the top of the mountain in Oberammergau, and the multiple historic churches we visited were nothing less than jaw-dropping and incredible. The trip to the Dachau concentration camp and the stories we heard from the prisoners’ times there are experiences that I will carry with me forever and never forget. Plus3 also gave me the unique opportunity to a first-hand experience of how business is conducted on a global basis. The company visits we had to SGL, KUKA, BMW, Horauf and Kohler, and Continental really emphasized that today’s business world operates on an international level and that in order to be apt and successful in business you have to not only understand his, but embody it and use it to your advantage. This trip also gave me a new point of view on the importance of collaboration between both the business and engineering aspects that make up a company. Having the engineering students there really gave me a greater appreciation for just how important and crucial engineering is in business. The truth is, I could write a novel about how amazing and life-changing this trip was. I feel very lucky to have had this experience and I can’t thank Pitt Business, the study abroad office, and our chaperones, Dr. Lawrence Feick and Arielle Schweber, enough for doing such an incredible job on this amazing trip.

The Thomas Angelo Scholarship had a huge impact on the trip for me. It alleviated a lot of the financial anxiety I had about this trip which allowed me to relax more and really invest myself in the program. When it comes to college and scholarships, every cent counts. This scholarship has been very important to me and my family and has given us peace of mind while paying for this program. I am extremely grateful to have received this scholarship and it has motivated me more than ever to not only excel both in and out of the classroom, but embody the very traits that the University of Pittsburgh emphasizes: truth and virtue. I am currently on track to double major in finance and business information systems in the College of Business Administration, but look forward to exploring the certificate of innovation and entrepreneurship that the CBA has to offer. I have a strong interest and passion in entrepreneurialism and I look forward to furthering that passion at the University of Pittsburgh. The Plus3 program taught me many things, most of which can be encapsulated in a single quote that I saw while abroad in Germany. “Surrounding yourself with people who think the same as you ensures two things: you will always be right and you will never learn anything new.” Spending two weeks with people from different cultural backgrounds and different points of view, in regard to both business and life in general, have been my biggest take aways from this program and something I am very happy I was able to experience. Plus3 Germany is something I will forever remember and I feel blessed to have been chosen to partake in it. Thank you very much for this presenting me with the Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarship and giving me the opportunity to better experience this incredible program.

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