Meet Plus3 Korea 2019!

Welcome to the Korea Plus3 Study Abroad Program!

While exploring various cities within South Korea, students will be exposed to the innovative technology scene and develop an understanding of how that influences culture. Participants will experience two weeks filled with exploration and opportunities for growth.

Students will spend time at various companies and develop an understanding for the technologies that influence the everyday lives of people in South Korea and the world as a whole. Visits to companies such as Samsung Mobile, Riot Games, and Hyundai will provide an opportunity to investigate the technologies that are transforming our lives.

In 2019, students will explore smart systems in Korea.

Smart systems are what’s driving technology to be even more efficient. Digital devices working together as smart systems can sense, act upon, and communicate about a situation. They can recognize patterns, make predictions, and support human decision-making. Students will benefit from seeing how South Korea is not only manufacturing this technology but also how they are implementing into their daily life. Students will understand how this is being marketed and from a business perspective will understand how that is he

lping to drive the Korean economy. We will travel to the following cities: Seoul, Gyeongju, Ulsan and Busan.  

The proposed company visits include: 

  • Oracle, Woori Investment and Securities, KPMG, Samsung Mobile, Riot Games, Hyundai, BASF, Air Busan, Korea Technology and Finance Company and Korea Southern Power Company. 
  • There are two proposed university visits (Seoul National University or Yonsei University or Busan University of Foreign Studies). 
  • Cultural visits are included and include in Seoul the Royal Palace visit, Seoul Tower and traditional market, DMZ tour and Han River Cruise, and cultural visits in Gyeongju.

Meet the Plus3 Korea Student Bloggers

2019 Participants: 

Emma Ahlgren | Jordan Athas | John Balafoutas | Jefferson Boothe | Jasmine Cadavez |  Tilman Cooper | Zachary Goldstein | Micah Headley | John Daniel Kerris | Dylan Lipner | Emily Molitoris | Halima Morafa | Maria Mysliwiec | Katherine O’Malley | Sayuri Padmanabhan | Christopher Paladino | Kayla Santos | Tyler Sheetz | Linus Silbernagel | Calvin Spiteri | Emily Strzesieski | Bradley Thornton | Thomas Vo | Elissa Wilton

Meet the Program Staff

Dr. Minhee Yun

Associate Professor

Swanson School of Engineering

Phone: (412)648-8989



Dr. Renee Clark

Assistant Professor

Swanson School of Engineering

Phone: (412)648-5359




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