Eager for Italy

Hi! My name is Hallie Paules and I am currently ending my freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. I am a chemical engineering student and I am interested in pursuing a career in the cosmetics or haircare industry. I am a member of the Zeta chapter of Phi Sigma Rho, a social engineering sorority, which allows for the perfect balance between school work and fun in my life. I would describe myself as a positive, fun-loving person. Some of my hobbies and interests include art, cooking, fashion, and design. Furthermore, I enjoy learning new things, seeing new places, and trying new foods.

I knew that I wanted to study abroad in college for as long as I can remember and when I heard about the Plus-3 program I was eager to go! I wanted to go to Italy specifically because the topic of fashion and textiles is fascinating to me, and I have traveled there once before and it was such an amazing trip. Studying abroad my very first semester is very exciting and I know I will learn valuable things early on in my college career. In addition to learning about practices and information in relation to the fashion industry, I will also be developing my group skills. Working with people outside of engineering is often important in industry, so collaborating with students in the business school during Plus-3 will be beneficial. Of course, I am also looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful and historical sights of Italy.

In two weeks, I will be arriving in Italy to study the supply chain of the textile and fashion industry. Over the course of the two weeks that we are in Italy, we will visit various companies, take a few day trips, and become immersed in the Italian culture. We will mostly stay in Milan, but we will be traveling to Verona, Venice, and Lake Como. I hope to really immerse myself in the culture, try many new foods, and eat a lot of gelato! Since we have free time almost every night, I want to spend it exploring the city with the friends I make in my travel group. Another thing I want to get out of this trip is an understanding the way of life and culture in Milan and the other places we travel. Academically, I hope to learn a lot about the process of creating the garments at the companies we visit and the fashion supply chain in Italy. I am also very excited to visit the Starbucks in Milan and to learn about the background and operations of that store. Professionally, I want to develop my people skills and confidence when abroad. I want to get to know my peers personally to make new friends and for possible future networking purposes. Additionally, I hope to develop my ability to work in groups especially with diverse-minded students outside of engineering.

We depart for Italy in three weeks and I am so excited for this trip! Going on this trip is an amazing opportunity. I will learn a wide range of things in many aspects of fashion, engineering, business, culture, history, and professional skills. I am thrilled to be returning to Italy!

See you soon!

Ciao! (:

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