Chapter 1: Who am I?

Hi Everyone! My name is Samantha Hovis and I am from Downingtown, PA. I am a business student studying marketing, and pursuing an International Business Certificate, a Leadership and Ethics Certificate (CPLE), and a certificate in Digital Media. Currently, I am studying Spanish at the university and I am planning on studying abroad in Spain this upcoming year. As you can see from the broad range of certificates I hope to complete in my time here, my interests lie in many different places. In the future I would love to have a job that channels both my creativity, with my passion for international business. In the last few years I been able to travel across Europe to some 7 countries. This past summer I traveled to Italy and Greece, and previously to England, Germany, Austria, France, and a few others. From my past experiences I have come to know that the abroad experience is an invaluable contribution to growing as both a person and as a student. 

I am participating in PLUS3 Argentina program because I want to be immersed in both the language and culture, in hopes that it will increase my global awareness as a business student. I was immediately drawn to the Argentina Program not only because it is in South America, but it will also give me exposure to the Spanish language outside of the United States. Because the trip focuses on anything and everything medical and health related I anticipate that I will come out of Argentina knowing significantly more about their health system than the U.S health system. Growing up an only child, with a mom who was a nurse, I had a one sided experience with the United States health system. Having seen what the life of a nurse in the U.S looks like I am interested to know how the nurse’s role in Argentina, in both public and private hospitals, differs from their role in the U.S. Aside from what our group will experience in accordance with the trip’s theme, I am excited to learn more about the culture, the city of Buenos Aires, and eat amazing food.

I hope that as a business student I want to come out of this trip with a better idea of just how different Argentina’s operating systems are in comparison to the U.S. But, as a traveller, I am anticipating just how different the trip will be from what I am used to. Often times I don’t think we realize how different things operate outside of what we are used to, and while I anticipate to experience a culture shock, I know that the in the end what I take away from the trip is more valuable to my global perception and international interests than anything else. I am so excited to add this chapter to the books. ¡Hasta la próxima vez!

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