Innovating in Ireland

Hi! I’m Torrey Trahanovsky, a Sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh taking double degrees in the College of Business Administration (CBA) and the School of Computing and Information (SCI). My majors are Supply Chain Management, Marketings, and Cyber Consulting. While my minors are Chinese & Pre-Professional Writing. Previously, I was a Computer Science major for a year at Pitt, taking the fundamental courses and ranking in the top 10 on the coding leaderboard for the introduction Java courses. However, I realized that I did not enjoy a lifestyle of coding and prefer to manage and critique the code of others to architect better solutions in technology for clients.

Personally, I enjoy meeting and engaging with others of diverse backgrounds on a global scale. My closest friends are from all over the USA and the world. Additionally, I love learning outside the classroom and frequently taking online certifications and courses to do so. Just this summer I’ll be getting Google GCP Professional Architect Certified and Microsoft Azure Certified, and potentially Hootsuite as well! I’m an avid foody, moviegoer, fun-doer, pretty much anything that is new and perplexing I love to do! At college, I spend my days being productive and meeting new people, and my nights studying, working, and attending fun new local events!

Professionally, I work with Google, 5-Hour Energy, Microsoft, and LinkedIn in the only official roles on campus at the University of Pittsburgh during the semesters. It’s exciting as it provides me many perspectives on innovation and how to better improve campus culture. Due to my nature of work, I frequently need to travel a couple times per semester and help at events both locally and across the United States. Just this month I helped at Google NEXT 19′ in San Francisco and had an orientation with LinkedIn in NYC. While later this summer I’ll be at Google Mountain View for training again. This summer I’ll also be interning in Hong Kong with Citicorp as their Treasury and Trade Solutions intern from the USA.

My program is Pitt Plus3 Ireland. I’m very excited about this program as innovation is my career path and primary job experience. ·I hope to experience much of the innovative culture in Dublin and discover the companies methods for innovation in this country. Ironically, I am sober and thus the primary purpose of this trip is for professional connections in my industry and to learn more about innovation abroad. Academically, I’ll also be fulfilling my Sociology requirements in this trip and have some fun work to share online with future employers.

Thanks & I look forward to keeping this blog updated! My current methodology for innovation follows Ingram Micro’s. Which are the 4 lenses: 1. Understanding Needs, 2. Challenging Orthodoxes, 3. Leveraging Current Trends, 4. Utilizing Current Resources.

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