Follow Me to Italy: Milan with Briana

Hi! My name is Brianamarie (Briana) Mitich and I am a freshman in the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh double majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. I also intend on pursuing a minor in Economics and a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I’m from Allentown, Pennsylvania so I’m about an hour outside of Philly as the majority of students here at Pitt like to say. Despite my last name, I was raised in a large Italian family and it was always an interest of mine to grow closer to my roots while learning a little bit more about my family’s past. I grew up in a small community and graduated with a class of 200 students so making the change to a university such as Pitt was drastic, however it was something I knew I wanted since I was 16. Most of my childhood revolved around dance as I spent 16 years as a dancer both competitively and recreationally. This was such a passion of mine, however it was very time consuming and something that I have chosen to leave behind while coming to college.

As for my involvement on campus I am a member of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity, the PINK campus team and the Omicron chapter of the Delta Zeta Sorority. These organizations have helped me develop myself as a young professional while also providing me with many resources to help me strive for success in both my career and my academics.

Outside of school I absolutely love spending my free time shopping, seeing movies and being with my friends. I’ve had a love of fashion for as long as I can remember and it was always something that my Nona and I bonded over. That being said I wanted to get my foot in the door as soon as possible and began working in retail when I was 16 at a small boutique. I then moved on to my next position as a sales associate for Victoria’s Secret PINK. I fell in love with the work environment and being able to empower and encourage others by making them feel confident in their own skin with the help of our product. When it came down to my career and what I would choose to do I focused on my interests and my strengths. This is what led me to the goal of entering into the fashion industry through fashion merchandising.

This study abroad program seemed unimaginable as it encompassed both my dream of traveling to Italy and my passion to further my studies in fashion. I’m looking forward to furthering my knowledge in global business, supply chain management and fashion/textiles. I’m also looking forward to immerse myself in the Italian culture and possibly learn a little bit more about myself than I already know. I can’t wait to indulge in the homemade pasta and gelato and am pretending as though Summer is not right around the corner. Overall, I’m ecstatic and forever grateful to be given this opportunity to travel to Milan, the fashion capital of the world, and am eager to experience all that Italy has to offer me.

Ciao for now!

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