Ireland, Ready or Not, Here We Come!

Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Reilly and I am from Northborough, Massachusetts, a small town approximately 45 minutes west of Boston. Throughout my life I have always been a huge sports fan; I love all Boston sports teams, so yes that includes the New England Patriots. Since my parents both grew up on Long Island, I also follow the New York Mets. In addition to my love for sports, I enjoy listening to rock ‘n’ roll such as Led Zeppelin and CCR and watching movies ranging from Quentin Tarantino films to 21 Jump Street. I also love dogs and plan to adopt one after I graduate.

Academically, I am a junior marketing and business information systems double major at Pitt Business. I transferred to Pitt Business during the spring semester of my freshman year. My passion for marketing started in high school where many of my electives were focused around business. Last spring, I joined Pitt’s chapter of the American Marketing Association. This club has given me a lot of awesome opportunities to meet other marketing majors and expand my professional network. In the fall I declared Business Information Systems (BIS) as my second major. This field is new to me, but I have enjoyed my first two BIS classes so far.

I am excited to share that I got a marketing internship with the West Virginia Black Bears this summer. They are the Class-A Short-Season affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. I hope this opportunity can help jumpstart a career for me in professional baseball. This will be my first internship, so I am glad to finally end the long and stressful internship search that all college students endure. Another career path I am interested in pursuing is working with an advertising and public relations firm. During my spring semester of sophomore year, I took Advertising and Sales Promotion with Bob Gilbert. Bob is an old school lecturer and told us about his many experiences in the advertising industry; these stories, along with his personality, kept me extremely engaged and are part of the reason why I loved that class. After graduation, I hope to return to Boston. I have loved my time in the 412 but I want to be closer to my family.

Initially, I applied to participate in Plus3 Ireland just because I wanted a chance to study abroad. But after learning more about how business is conducted in Dublin, I have been captivated by the city. Before our pre-departure sessions, I did not know how attractive Dublin is to innovative businesses. I also did not understand Brexit and its impact on Ireland. Now, I am extremely curious to learn from Irish professionals about their opinions on the many different current events happening in their city.

Some of my goals, personally, academically, and professionally, for Plus3 Ireland are:

  1. Get to know my fellow classmates going with me to Ireland and share experiences that we will remember for the rest of our lives.
  2. Learn more about the culture since my family has a deep Irish heritage and visit historic landmarks such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Wicklow Mountains.
  3. Meet industry professionals during site visits and learn different theories and methodologies about conducting business in Dublin.

I hope my first blog post gave you a brief introduction about my life. I cannot wait to arrive in Ireland and learn about their innovative business practices. Thanks for reading!

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