¡Bienvenidos a Argentina!

Hey everyone! My name is Elgin Meadors, and I am currently finishing up my freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh. This summer, I will be traveling abroad to Buenos Aires, Argentina. With this being my second summer in a row traveling abroad, I’m hoping this experience is just as memorable as the last.

Now, for a little bit about me. I am enrolled in both the College of Business Administration and the College of General Studies here at Pitt, pursuing a double degree in Marketing and Health Services. In addition, I am hoping to pursue a certificate in International Business and minor in Economics. I am originally from Frisco, Texas (which is a suburb about 25 minutes north of Dallas), where I spent all 18 years of my life before coming to Pitt for college. As far as involvement here at Pitt, this past semester I had the opportunity of joining a professional business organization, Phi Beta Lambda. In my free time, I love to work out and play basketball. In addition, I enjoy volunteering and helping around my community, whether it be helping less fortunate families receive items they need with BedStart, or helping younger kids with disabilities enjoy sports through the Miracle League organization. Lastly, I love to travel and experience new places and people, which is one of the main reasons why I have chosen to study abroad.

For two weeks this summer, I will be traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the Plus3 program there in which we will be learning about Healthcare Management on a global scale, specifically the unique system that Argentina has. I chose the Plus3 Argentina program, because it allows me to get study abroad experience, as well as credit for classes, within a shorter time span, in order to get a small taste of what an entire summer or semester abroad would feel like. The reason I specifically chose Argentina as the place where I wanted to study abroad was the fact that I have never been to South America before, and I think it will be a unique experience for me, allowing me to expand my boundaries and step out of my comfort zone. Having only been abroad to Ireland, where most people still speak English, it will be a much different transition, given that a majority of the people in Argentina speak mainly in Spanish. However, this is another reason for choosing Argentina, because I have been took Spanish through high school and my first two semesters here at Pitt, so I think it will be very beneficial for my learning to be immersed in a culture that speaks Spanish. But my ultimate reason for choosing Plus3 Argentina was the fact that the theme of the program is Healthcare Management. Since I am pursuing a degree in Health Services along with my degree in CBAl, I felt that this program was perfect for me, as it’s combining the healthcare sector with the business sector. Having already learned a lot of the ins and outs of the healthcare sector before even departing for our trip, I am excited to see how it functions firsthand, as well as the differences of healthcare abroad compared with domestically in the United States. I am hoping to gain a new perspective on both healthcare and culture in general. After being immersed in the Irish culture last summer, I have seen how much culture impacts the way people live, and when you are able to branch out and embrace the culture in which you are immersed in, it makes the experience so much better. Argentina has a very unique culture, and I am excited to be challenged by what it has to offer and gain further knowledge through my experience. I am thankful for the opportunity that Pitt has given me to travel abroad, and I hope to make the most of every second that I am there. Argentina, here I come!

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