Dublin, here I come!

Hi, my name is Jordan Haberman and I am a junior in the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. I am majoring in Accounting and Business Information Systems, but planning on pursuing Accounting and eventually getting my CPA after graduating. I’m from Pittsburgh, PA, living only about 20-25 minutes from the city so I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to study abroad on the Plus3 Ireland program.

Last summer, I had an internship at Mortgage Connect, LP, located in Moon Township where I worked in the Treasury Department. It was a great experience as my first real job and I learned a lot from working there. This summer after returning from Dublin, I will be starting a new internship at Danieli Corporation, working in the Accounting Department. On campus, I am involved in a couple organizations including the sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and the club, Women in Business.

During our time abroad, the group of other business students and I will be taking site visits to companies in Dublin and comparing them to the ones in the United States. As a business student, seeing how different businesses work in another area of the world would allow me to bring that knowledge back to the classroom and into future careers.

As an accounting major, there are many opportunities around the world in difference businesses as accountants are needed for almost all companies. Having an accounting degree could potentially allow me to work anywhere, including abroad if I would want to in the future. Having the opportunity to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland and learning about the businesses and culture there could potentially give me an upper hand when looking for jobs after graduating, especially if I end up wanting to work elsewhere besides Pittsburgh. Business Information Systems is my second major, which focuses on the technology side of business. Studying abroad would also allow me to learn about any differences or advances of technology present in Ireland, advancing my knowledge on the subject for the future. Overall this study abroad program could give me an upper hand with both of my majors as recruiters will see this as a great experience, as I will have seen different international companies in Ireland and how they conduct their businesses. 

Finally, a big part of the reason I have looked into a study abroad program is to develop personally. I only live about 20 minutes from the University of Pittsburgh and the only place I have traveled outside of the United States has been Canada and Mexico when I was younger. Because of this, I feel that I really need to step out of my comfort zone and this program would help me do that. The opportunity to study abroad in Ireland would help me become immersed in the cultural differences and the societal norms there, all while contributing to my academic career. The Plus3 Program offers some travel time so this program will also force me to adapt to new surroundings and I will be able to enjoy Dublin’s environment and culture and what it has to offer. Overall, I think the program would really help me become more independent as a person from the moment I step off the plane.

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