Good Morning Vietnam!

              Hello everyone, my name is Josh Gailey and I am attending the Plus3 Program to Vietnam this summer!  I am pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance with an intended minor in Economics.  My ultimate goal with this degree is to become a CPA and hopefully help those in low income areas manage their money.  I hope to gain as much knowledge that I can throughout my years as an undergraduate student, and I find this trip as an excellent means of broadening my world views and changing my perspective on my own future.  Since accounting is a degree that can be utilized worldwide, I may decide to work abroad someday and am interested in seeing how business is done worldwide.

              I chose to study abroad in Vietnam for many reasons, however my final decision was made based on how unique of a place it is and could not pass up this opportunity.  When most people think of Vietnam, their immediate thoughts go to the Vietnam War.  However, through research I have learned that Vietnam is a rich country for development and is becoming an active presence in the global market.  I am excited to see how these developing companies operate their businesses compared to the companies in the United States, and how they overcome the challenges that come along with being in a developing country.  Not many students my age will get the chance to see in first person and ask questions to the people who work overseas every day of the year.  Due to this, I believe that this will be a huge step in my professional career and will open my eyes to how business is done worldwide.  Along with the education portion of this trip, I am very eager to see the country itself and learn about the culture and environment.  I always find other cultures interesting and love seeing how people just like us live a completely different lifestyle.  As I have never been to an Asian country before, I have no reference to how life is like over there except for TV portrayals which tend to be exaggerated so I am excited to see for myself the traditions and daily life activities of the people in Vietnam.  Lastly, I am eager to try out the food in Vietnam as it sounds very interesting yet delicious.  One of my favorite parts about travel is trying out new foods, especially the most unique options that are available.

                As I look at what my summer has in store, I am most excited for this trip and as I keep meeting more of the people that I will be travelling with, my excitement continues to grow.  I have no doubt that this will be one of the most memorable experiences of not only my college career but also my entire life and am excited to share my experiences with my friends and family when I return.

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