Arriving in Milan

Today was all about transitioning from travelling, to living in Milan. It really has felt like on long day since leaving Pitt. Our plane made a very turbulent arrival in Milan that left me and many others feeling nauseas. When we finally made it through customs the reality of being in Italy finally started to set in on our sleep deprived minds. On the bus ride to our hotel we got to see some parts of the city and I am excited to see more.

By far the highlight of the day was taking refuge from the rain and eating lunch at the Delicatessan. This was most likely the longest meal I have ever eaten with three courses all spaced far apart and I enjoyed each one. The meal started with a various assortment of breads that were brought to us continuously throughout the meal. The first course was a platter of delicious cured meats and cheeses. I am not a big fan of cheese so I mostly stuck to the meats as well as a awesome pickle. This was followed by the main course, lasagna. It was not like lasagna I have had in the U.S. as I do not believe it used marinara sauce. It tasted amazing and was a great start to the various pastas that we will have on this trip. The final course was lemon sherbet with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. This was a very refreshing final addition to the meal.

We also met our city guides, and they gave us tips on where stuff is and how to stay safe while having fun in Milan. We also got the chance to exchange money to get some Euros. So far we have seen very little of Milan and I am very excited to get to know the city better.

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