Ciao Milano!

Despite what most on the trip would tell you, I feel incredibly well-rested. The plane ride was a game of cycling the body part that hurt, but I managed to get a decent amount of sleep with the help of melatonin pills. I was also accidentally awake for both of the meals on the plane, which was a nice bonus for the day. After managing to get through customs in Milan, the excitement could finally start; however, the rain limited the potential for exploration on our walking tour. The first real highlight of the day was eating a three-course lunch. Of course, I filled up on various types of bread, but I still managed to finish the cold cut platter (pictured below), lasagna, and lemon sorbet. At this point, I didn’t think I would be able to eat again today. That idea did not last long. For dinner, I had the best margherita pizza I’ve ever eaten. The pizza was simple in terms of ingredients. The taste was unparalleled, though. The crust was flimsy but still slightly crisped to add flavor. The combination of sauce and oil on the pizza perfectly complimented the mozzarella cheese and basil. Yes, I had time to do other things between my meals. I went to a catholic mass at a local church. The songs in Italian were beautiful, and the stained glass artwork was exquisite. I did not understand anything, but it was a unique cultural experience that I would recommend to anyone visiting Milan. I also had some chance to explore the nearby city. I found plenty of things that I want to explore more during the trip, like a gelato shop and more options for food.

I also attempted to learn basic Italian to order food and communicate with others. Given that the waiter was extremely confused, I think that I failed. Luckily, a friend is able to communicate well and order food so that I don’t starve. I’ll try my Italian again tomorrow!

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