Day 1 is in the Books!

After an unexpectedly lengthy layover in Atlanta and a pretty easy overnight flight, we finally arrived in Buenos Aires! Today was an exciting day just exploring the area around our apartments, diving into the delicious food, and laying eyes on the Astral downtown campus, where we will be spending parts of our time here in Argentina. The city stood out to me especially because of how busy it is. Everywhere we walked, cars whipped by as well as people both walking or biking. Also, I noticed that all of the buildings were very tall. Once I learned how many people live in and around the city–15.6 million!– I realized the buildings needed to be this tall to handle all those people! The food we had today was amazing and there was always so much of it–I can guarantee that none of us are going to go hungry these next two weeks. We had bread, empanadas, two kinds of salad, four kinds of meat, and chocolate mousse all in the span of dinner!

Universidad Astral Downtown Campus

When we were walking around, I noticed globalization in the form of the global chain restaurants specifically McDonald’s and Starbucks. We were debating where to get coffee, a Starbucks across the street or a local coffee shop next door, and I learned that Starbucks would be substantially more expensive than the local coffee shop yet still was full of people which I found to be interesting (we ended up choosing the local coffee shop anyways!). Also, our first “snack” (more like an entire meal) was pasta which I always associate as Italian food, so I was not expecting to see it on a menu in Buenos Aires, but alas it was and it was delicious!

What I also noticed throughout the city as we were walking was that most shops were closed. This aligns right with what our Culture Smart book tells us about Argentine family’s valuing family time, especially on Sunday’s. I am excited to see what the city looks like on a regular working day, especially since I thought it was busy on what the locals view as a family day! Also, the Argentines really do love their meat. As I listed what we ate for dinner above, it revolved around meat. At dinner, my friend does not eat red meat and they responded with “Is chicken okay?” Luckily for her it was! However, this also goes right along with what the Culture Smart book told us about the Argentine cuisine. I am even more excited for the next two weeks now that we are here and seeing Buenos Aires all around us. I can’t wait to get started!

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