Dreaming about Duomo

Ciao! Mi chiamo Katie! Piacere! Today we started off with a mini Italian lesson for simple phrases and words to use when meeting nuovi amici (friends), and going out al ristorante o al bar. Though most Italians know at least a little English, they appreciate the effort for our Italian communication. For the most part, I have been pointing to items on the menu, or using my new pronunciation skills to read my Google translation, or even saying one key word that I know, like bagno (bathroom)—all of which have been quite effective thus far. Lunch followed the lesson and we had a short time to fill up before the walking tour began. I wandered off to one of the best rated pasta places in Milan, called Miscusi, where I enjoyed a plate of rigatoni with carbonara sauce. I would definitely say the restaurant lives up to its reviews. Next time, I think I would like to try pasta with the pesto genovese cream, and yes, there will be a next time. I’m working on a bucket list of pastas to eat while I’m in Italy, and I am so excited to keep crossing off new items. Finally, time came for the walking tour of Milan. Yesterday, when we arrived, the weather was gloomy and everyone was exhausted from the long travels, so we did not get to enjoy Milan as much as we would have liked to. However, today the sun was out and lit up the city so beautifully, and the walking tour was well worth waiting for. My phone’s camera roll is now blessed with photos of sites I will never forget. I enjoyed simply walking on the cobblestone streets, and admiring the character of the buildings and residential areas we passed. When I see all the classic Italian terraces decorates with plants and greenery, I can imagine myself waking up in my own flat (apartment) in Milan and breathing in the fresh morning air on my own terrace. During the tour, we stopped at Eataly, where we ate amazing gelato. Our tour guide gave us tips for knowing where to find the best gelato anywhere you go. Apparently, the specialty is best kept away from any oxygen and stored in metal tins that are covered by lids. I rewarded myself for the miles we walked by ordering a couple scoops of chocolate chip and classic chocolate gelato, and it was delizioso!!! The tour ended right after walking through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a shopping mall of mostly high-end designers like Gucci or Prada, and ending at the Duomo di Milano, the cathedral church of Milan. The Duomo is truly a sight to see and took nearly six centuries to complete, which is evident in its extravagant architecture. After the tour, I stayed in the area to check out the shops and eventually headed back to the hotel using Milan’s metro system, which was actually super easy. Now, the night is calling for a late dinner, and I will probably end up with yet another pasta dish. No complaints here!

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