¡Hello Austral!

Today we spent the beautiful sunny day at the Austral University Pilar campus. We arrived at the hospital and went inside and up the stairs to a hallway of classrooms similar to the way the nursing school is set up at Pitt with Victoria in UPMC Presby. Also, the classroom where we had the lectures was very similar to classrooms in Sennott. Lunch was eaten in their dining hall, which was like Market in the sense of long tables and lots of students, but the food was not like what we spent the past year eating. There were so many students outside enjoying the sunny fall day and I was reminded of the last couple weeks of school when I spent my time with my friends on the packed Soldiers and Sailors lawn.

Once we began learning more about Austral, I realized there are differences between here and Pitt starting with the fact that Austral is only 40 years old and has 4,000 students total whereas there are 4,000 students in our graduating class. This small number in their university though can be attributed to how new the school is as well as the fact that public universities in Argentina are completely free whereas the private universities cost money. Walking around Austral, I saw just how much green space there was—an entire field full of trees changing colors because it’s fall. The green space here is only temporary however as the campus has big plans to continue building and expanding their academics. At Pitt, there is not much green space associated with campus as we all know. However, we are lucky enough to have Soldiers and Sailors as well as all of Schenley Park all within our footsteps. We are also lucky that Schenley is permanent in the sense that no buildings are going to be built here so we can always have access to green area.

Fall in May!

After Austral, we went on a bus tour around the city. Since yesterday was Sunday,  this was our first real chance to see the city and just how busy it was. And it did not disappoint! From the bus we saw different parts of the city, each filled with people walking around and amazing architecture. Overall, I thought our first day at Austral and around the city was amazing and I cannot wait to continue the adventure tomorrow!

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