Milan Memories: Day 2

Ciao day 2! Today’s adventure began with breakfast at our hotel followed by a three hour Italian language lesson in the workshopping space located in the basement of Hotel Sempione. We spent the morning learning about the different letter combinations to create certain sounds, words that are most often mispronounced due to influence from the English language, and the most common phrases we would need to know to survive our time in Italy. Included was basic phrases like proper greetings to use at different times throughout the day (Buongiorno, buenasera, arrivederci), certain foods like fish (pesce) and pasta dishes (fettuccini, bolognese, tortellini), and basic meals (primi, secondini). We also learned the basic sentences needed to communicate with shop owners or waiters in restaurants as well as learning the best way to address different Italians; apparently Italian grandmothers (Nonnas) do NOT like informal greetings one bit (Buongiorno will do, but Ciao will certainly not)! Another huge part of communication in Italian and Milan is using hand motions in addition to the wording you are actually speaking, so our lecture also included a brief lesson in how to use these visual signals properly without accidentally offending someone in conversation. The takeaways? Be very careful how you choose to use your hands! After our language lesson we headed out on a group walking tour. We saw the most popular tourist destinations in the city including the Duomo and famous shopping Galeria location close to the city center. On this walking tour we also stopped for gelato (pistachio and dark chocolate were amazing!) and learned about the historical significance of different neighborhoods within Milan. I cannot wait for what tomorrow has to offer in this wonderful city!

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