Moments in Milan: Day 2

Waking up feeling relatively rejuvenated from the prior travel, the day began with a breakfast in the hotel that consisted of cultural classics such as filled croissant, meats, cheeses, fruit, and hard-boiled eggs. For educational activities the day consisted of a crash course in the language and culture and for cultural visits the day had a nice walking tour of Milan. The crash course taught us over three hours the basics of pronunciation often failed due to English and common sayings for public speech to get by in Italy. Examples of this include greetings like Buoniorno, Buenasera, and Arrivederci that are used interchangeably depending on the time of day, basic meals, certain foods, and of course hand gestures. Additionally, we were taught lessons of dos and donts like never asking for cheese on a fish pasta or not splitting a check up… I mean what animal would. One thing I learned about Italian culture on the trip was the fact that they enjoy coffee with alcohol in it, not super typical in the United States.

The walking tour was an amazingly detailed explanation of the history and current cultural climate of Italy that can be seen in the city of Milan through the architecture and local businesses. This tour was given by the extremely informative Valaria. Sites we visited were extensive, with major and most memorable being Eataly, the Duomo, and the shopping center with the lucky bull genitalia. My favorite experience of the day was getting the gelato at Eataly (absolutely the best I have every had) in a very unique flavor being passion fruit and sesame.

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