Breakout of Charlotte

As the Plus3 Ireland group has been delayed in Charlotte for the past couple days, we have been looking for different stuff to do around here while awaiting our flight to Dublin. Last night, we decided to do escape rooms, which is something I have never had the chance to do before. We split up into three different groups of five people, with each group having a different theme. The theme of the escape room my group was in was called “hostages” and my team members were Erin, Hannah, Matt and Mike.

The experience of the “hostages” theme room was interesting to say the least. The five of us started out blind folded and handcuffed to a bench. We were able to remove our blind folds after a brief introduction, but had to find the key to unlock the handcuffs ourself. We had 60 minutes total to figure out the code to escape the room. We found the key a little after removing our blindfolds, but figuring out the rest of the clues was a challenge. We had to use information placed around the room to figure out different combinations to unlock the the many different locks and safes. Each lock gave us clues to unlock the next one, leading us closer to figuring out the code to get us out of the room. Unfortunately, we came close, but not close enough to figure out the code in time.

The group I was in had to work together using each others strengths to figure out the clues that would help us escape the room. My strengths from taking the Clifton Strength Finders test include harmony, consistency, arranger, empathy, and achiever. The strength of mine that I found most useful during this challenge was probably my strength of being an arranger. To figure out the clues, you had to figure out what numbers, dates, or even places went together to crack the different codes. The numbers and letters had to be arranged and placed in a certain order to be able to get the next clue and that is where I felt my strength was used.

Even though my group did not finish in time, we made it pretty close. I could not have figured it out by myself so the help of my other teammates and the use of their different strengths helped make the challenge easier. The strengths of my other teammates included adaptability, achiever, developer, and analytical, which I felt came into play and helped build on my strengths to think more “outside the box”, which is key in participating in escape rooms. With maybe an extra 15 minutes, I feel that our group could have escaped the “hostages” room.

Only one of the three groups succeeded in escaping their room, but overall it was a fun experience that I would definitely do again. Let’s hope we can use our strengths and team building experience to escape Charlotte to go to our original destination of Dublin!

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