day 3

Today, we were fortunate enough to take an insight tour to the University of Austral hospital as well as the IAE business school offered here for graduate and undergraduate students. Through visiting these two establishments, I was able to analyze how the mission statement of Austral university, which is the “pursuit of truth and culture of life” is reflected amongst their daily activities.

Starting off with the well-established hospital system that Austral has, I noticed that the idea of the culture of life is superbly prominent in the interactions between the Austral hospital with its patients. First of all, even though Austral hospital is a private hospital, meaning that they only accept patients that are covered by private insurance, they still are very conscious about their social responsibilities regarding community improvement. For example, the nurses mentioned that it was very common for Austral nursing student to intern at the hospitals. Even though the interns are not allowed to participate in the actual operations of daily activities, they often serve as mental therapists that help with soothing the patients that are struggling. In addition, the Austral hospital focuses on being empathetic with the patients through the treatment process in order to create a welcoming environment for the community. I believe this is a true representation the culture of life as Austral hospital definitely has its focus on community betterment and improvement of life in general.

Similarly, I thought the Business school was a solid presentation of pursuit of truth as well. We were fortunate enough to be able to observe an operations management class. In the sectioned that we observed, the students were simulating the operations of a just in time system through the building of lego models. I believe that through active hands-on learning such as the one we observed today, students are more likely to develop a genuine interest in the field that they are studying rather than feeling forced to take in the material simply because it was necessary. In my humble opinion, I believe that Pitt’s education will be greatly improved if we were able to build simulations and utilized more hands-on learning instead of lecturing. Through its adventurous and intriguing ways, I believe Austral has nicely implemented its principle of searching for truth into its programs and in reward created active participation and genuine interests from its students. I am certain that Austral has focused on implementing this to not only the business school but the Nursing school as well as it is essential to have real life experiences to be mature and calm enough to operate in a hospital. All and all, it was refreshing to see an organization such as Austral to actually implement their mission statements as many firms and establishments simply have mission statements nowadays without correlating it with the necessary actions.

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