Day 3: Sometimes you have to break a few Glass Eggs to make an Egg McMuffin

Day 3 in Vietnam was one that featured many American ties with a slightly different perspective. After a morning of learning more about the history of how Vietnam got to where it is today, and continuing to try my best to speak a very Americanized version of Vietnamese I found myself in a very familiar place in a foreign land. When I was told that we were going to McDonalds for lunch I was excited to try whatever exotic McCreation they served, however I didn’t get the chance because a set meal was already generously paid for when we arrived. The main difference I saw in comparison was that the food looked more appetizing than whenever I get a quarter pounder in America.

After lunch we visited the office of Glass Egg Digital Media, a graphic design company that has worked on the design process for many AAA titles such as the Forza series as well as some of the Call of Duty titles. We were given a tour of their office and listened to a presentation about how their company works by the COO, Guillaume Monier. He informed us about how the company started and where they planned on going in the future. As a company that basically solely relies on contract work from the companies that are developing games he highlighted both the pros and cons of being located in Vietnam. He informed us that China has roughly half of the total virtual design companies, so it is difficult to convince clients to come visit Vietnam, a country not as well known for being a digital powerhouse. However, the fact that the company is one of the oldest and most established in their field proves enough to draw interest to both them and the country as a whole. They have dabbled in some work for design outside of video games, but we were informed that they want to stay in the video game industry due to the other medias not being as lucrative. Overall this site trip was a cool experience to see the actual design process of the games that me and my friends play back home.

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