Day 4: Soaking in Como

Day trip to Como! I had heard so many wonderful things about Como before coming to Italy, so I couldn’t wait for our trip there.

After only about an hour on the bus, we arrived at the our first site visit of the trip: Mantero Seta, a silk company located in Como. At Mantero, they design and create their silks from threads. They create these silks using two different processes. The original way of creating silks is with a screening technique. Every color gets painted on, which can become tedious when many colors need to be painted on and let dry. Because of this, silk created using the screening process is more expensive, and customers are charged the color. The other technique was developed in the past couple decades and is digital as patterns can be created and the directly printed onto the silk.

At Mantero they are working on designs and products that have not yet been released, so they stressed confidentiality and did not permit us to take any pictures inside the facility. On our tour, we were able to see the behind the scenes of Mantero with people working on designs and with machinery. There were tons of silks and patterns throughout the facility, and it was so exciting to see them printing silks for luxury and well-known brands like Louis Vuitton and Channel.

It was also interesting to notice some of the differences in safety measures at the factory here when compared to ones in the United States. At Mantero, workers were not wearing goggles or earplugs. When it came to us, we did not have to sign any sort of waiver and were able to experience the factory up close.

My absolute favorite part of Mantero though was seeing the designers and learning about their creative processes. Mantero has an incredible archive of patterns where designers can draw inspiration from or rework in addition to coming up with patterns of their own. As an individual who loves art, I was thrilled by the chance to see creativity and business come together.

When our site visit came to an end and it was time to explore Como, it began to rain; however, a little rain and gray skies could not change the fact that Como was just beautiful. We hopped on a boat that rode us around the lake, and the views were breathtaking. The large lake was surrounded beautiful mountains that provided space for many homes along the water. I loved getting to see all the different houses and color combinations they created together. Because it was such a rainy day, fog surrounded the tops of the mountains creating a really neat view of the lake.

The rain may have not been ideal, but I absolutely loved both the site visit to Mantero and the views of Lake Como. Mantero was such an interesting company, and I was so excited to see all creativity that thrived there. I’m so happy we were able to take a quick trip to see the beauty that Como had to offer!

Views from our boat tour of Lake Como.

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  1. Carol Sandford says:

    What a magical day you had! So very happy you saw Lake Como ❤️ – only wishing your weather was better. Such a special trip! Xoxoxo

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