Milan Day 4: Cloudy Como

Today we travelled to Lake Como to enjoy a day on the lake; unfortunately the weather was not in our favor withrain forecasted ALL day. We began at the Mantero Silk Factory. This facility was established in 1904 and serves most of the major luxury brands around the world. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Armani, and Diane Von Furstenburg all serve as long term clients. One of the most unique and interesting things about this company is that it is still family owned and they control every step of the process, from raw silk to finished product. We toured each step of the process and were able to see each of the separate components within the huge Como-based facility. After finishing our tour we were taken to the companies gift shop where they had a wide range of silks we could purchase as souvenirs. It was truly an awesome way to see the hidden gems behind fashion’s biggest names.

After our company visit of the day we continued our trek to see the lake itself. Upon our arrival we had a group lunch at a pizza restaurant and then a walking tour. Unfortunately our time around the town was cut short when the weather refused to cooperate and downpour caused us to reconsider. Our last activity of the day was a covered boat tour on the lake itself. Lake Como and its views were absolutely incredible. There are million dollar villas on every shore; it’s truly a dream. Lake Como is “Y” shaped  and the captain took us down both branches of the lake, thus we were able to see the town of Como and Lake Como. Both were equally impressive. We were even able to see George and Amal’s villa (which was coincidentally enough owned by the Heinz family prior to George purchasing it in 2004 for 10 million euro and getting into a cycling accident just outside its gates)!

Our schedule tomorrow includes a site visit to Starbucks and a trip to the Armani showroom and factory; I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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