Day 5: Fashion, Fashion, and More Fashion

Hello again!

This is our fifth day in Milan, and so far my favorite! We started our day by visiting the Starbucks Roastery and learning about their genius business plan for Starbucks to break into the Italian coffee market. Afterwards we were given time for lunch and exploration on our own where my friends and I went sightseeing and shopped around the Duomo. Our next activity was to visit the Armani Museum in the Canal District. Once we were done, we went our own ways. For me personally, a group of us went and explored the Canal District a little bit more before heading back to our hotel for some rest. We grabbed some food and delicious gelato. It was a fashion and food-filled day. What else would you expect from the fashion capital of the world?

The Starbucks Roastery was a perfect way to start our day. We were given a tour followed by questions and our own coffee-tasting. I’m not a big fan of coffee, and back in the U.S. I rarely ever drink any, but in Italy I’ve become a coffee regular! Starbucks Milano is the first Starbucks in Italy, which is a big deal considering the amount of money to be made from the Italian coffee market. The workers talked about their business plan of making coffee an “experience”, by incorporating Italian culture into the building itself and then providing personable customer service. Both of which have been key to the success of the roastery. Their genius plan was truly brilliant.

After Starbucks we had down time to explore and shop our hearts out around the Duomo. We even got pizza at a famous pizza place called Pis! It was a fun upbeat Mexican-themed Italian restaurant. It was the best pizza and service I’ve received yet, and we will definitely be going there again.

The Armani Museum was the highlight of my day. The clothing was so sophisticated and chic. The entire atmosphere of the museum made me feel inspired. I’ve never been in such a high-class place, or seen such beautiful clothing. Milan truly is the fashion capital of the world. And if it weren’t for this program I never would have thought to visit a museum like this. I’m thankful for the opportunity Plus 3 has given me to experience such cool and fascinating things like this.

Tomorrow is going to be a jam-packed day, but I’m ready to take it on! I’m most excited for the fashion library. I’ve never realized how much I loved fashion until I came here. I really like all the behind the scenes business behind fashion, and especially wearing the clothes. The only downside to this is that my bank account doesn’t like it. Goodbye for now!

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