Day bốn: we learned numbers!

I’m calling it now: I will never get tired of Vietnamese coffee. Between that and the food, it’s taking all of my self-restraint to keep from emptying my wallet. Today’s lunch was at Cocochin Foodcourt. The unique setup of the food court allowed us to chose from a variety of dishes. There were some staples, like pho and sugarcane juice, but I noticed a lot of dishes I had never tried before. As usual, lunch was amazing. Our university’s dining hall could take a few notes (no shade, just love, Market Central!) 

I definitely learned a lot while listening to the presentation on VinaCapital and the VinaCapital Foundation (VCF). I’ve always been curious about how aid efforts such as VCF were run, so I really enjoyed Nghia Tran’s presentation! Foundations such as VCF wouldn’t be possible without the support from donors – some of which were international. I believe this is an example of the benefits of globalization. Without greater reach of companies across national boundaries, the funds to support outreach projects would be more limited. Without funds, foundations like VCF would be unable to provide as much medical and educational assistance as they currently do.

There’s so much I don’t know about economics, finance, and investment. I enjoyed learning more about Vietnam’s economy and the factors that set it apart from other nations. I heard previously about Vienam’s emerging middle class, but I didn’t know it was a primary driving force behind Vietnam’s economy. Also, I learned that Vietnam’s imports and exports are 200% of its GDP. In the future, as tech development in Vietnam continues, I’m interesting to know how much still it has to change!

As an end note, I just wanted to mention how excited I am for the fashion show next week. I enjoy learning about history, so to hear how Vietnam developed and the different customs and ethnicities that make up Vietnam was so cool. More than that, I can’t believe we get to see some examples of traditional dress in person!

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