Dinner by the water!

Ciao! Today was our tour of the Milan university Cattolica which strayed from the typical dynamic of schools that we see in America. After an early morning breakfast, our group headed over to the university for a fashion and sustainability presentation headed by Francesca Romana Rinaldi. Her lecture covered how consumers’ newly found interest in environmentally friendly products has sparked a revolution in the fashion industry. With consumer power being at an all time high, companies are forced to conform to the ideals of society or risk coming into contact with a boycott. In addition, she also discussed how the fashion industry is vastly different from that of the luxury industry. While the fashion industry can have different levels of exclusiveness with lines of clothes and accessories, the luxury industry is more general by covering a number of different products such as clothing, cars and boats. Her final point was that our generation will have to find a way to incorporate more environmentally friendly profit goals when we enter the working world.

After the fashion presentation, we met up with Cattolica students who proceeded to show us around their campus. One thing that I found interesting was the superstitions that the students had created around the campus. These ranged from not graduating if you walk directly across the green space to if you walk through the center of the main staircase. Throughout the tour, the students explained how they ended up in Milan and how they became interested in their respective industries. The tour concluded at the dining hall where we were served a surprisingly fresh lunch. Compared to the market we have back in the university of Pittsburgh, the food was actually edible and appeared to be made from local ingredients.

With the rest of the day being ours, we decided to head to the canal district for dinner where many of the restaurants were having special deals on food and drink for the night. For just 10 euros, we were able to get access to an all you can eat buffet which had Italian delicacies such as bruschetta, prosciutto, and nutella pizza! After dinner, we watched the sunset on the canal and head back to the hotel to prepare for the next day. Ciao!        

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