Nighttime stroll in Ho Chi Minh

This morning we started off my heading to UEF where we had a history and culture lesson. I thought it was interesting learning about the territorial disputes between the north and the south and reviewing what happened in the war. It was also cool to learn about the Vietnamese culture that was developed after the takeover of Saigon. After the culture lesson we had another Vietnamese lesson. Today we learned how to count from numbers 1-100. I already learned the material in the first semester at Pitt so I was helping others. The Vietnamese teacher called on me to count from 50-100 in front of the class. It was a little bit nerve wracking because I felt like I had to prove to the class that I actually am decent at speaking Vietnamese. I kept mixing up the words for 7 and 8, as I always do, but overall it was very successful. I felt bad because I feel like it wasn’t fair for me to go up and do it since I’m not an accurate representation of the class’s learning progression. After Vietnamese class we went to this Vietnamese market. We were given a card with 200,000 dong and were told to spend it on whatever we want. The market had hundreds of choices and I ended up getting a beef bowl with an egg, a strawberry smoothie, and some fish. Unfortunately, I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture to post on the blog before I finished my plate.

Next, we went to VinaCapital which is a large management group in Vietnam. They assure the highest quality of investment product, financial strategizing, and real estate. They promote investment in Vietnam. This company was not my specialty because it was hard to follow along with the presentation due to not having a lot of exposure to the business side of the world. Nevertheless I’m still very grateful that VinaCapital allowed us to see the company.

For dinner, we were taken to a very popular mall in Vietnam and had dinner at one of the restaurants there. We sat at a table at 6 and ordered a combo for the table. The combo consisted of many servings, the most interesting being a hot stove with a soup pot and a lot of ingredients. We were so lost of what to put in the pot and how long to cook it that an employee who wasn’t even our waitress just came over and aggressively did it for us. We were probably the most “American” tourists they’ve ever had. After dinner was over we went out to walk around the main parts of Ho Chi Minh and explore the city. Tomorrow, we finally don’t have a company visit and get to visit the US consulate.

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