Trying the whole chicken

              We went over to UEF around the same time this morning and started off our day learning about the long history of Vietnam, and the numerous foreign countries that have had an impact on its current culture. Following our history lesson, we had another language class where I learned how to count to ten and tell time in Vietnamese. For lunch we went to a restaurant that had a mixture of Vietnamese and Chinese foods. I was able to get a rice pot, and I also had the chance to try chicken feet.

              Following lunch, we visited VinaCapital, one of the leading investment management and real estate development companies in Vietnam. VinaCapital’s goal is to provide their investors with large returns by investing in the various opportunities available throughout Vietnam. VinaCapital has been so successful because of their ability to capitalize on the growing economy in Vietnam. With the Vietnamese economy growing so fast, VinaCapital is able to succeed by investing in a number of different areas including listed and private equity and real estate. They have studied the trend of where the highest returns usually occur for countries after they become developed and are using that data to influence their investment decisions before the research they’ve done becomes a reality. Vinacapital is very involved in multiple stock markets. They have two closed funds listed on the London Stock Exchange, the VOF fund and the VNL fund, and are also involved in the Vietnamese stock market. There are not nearly as many companies listed on the Vietnamese stock market as there are in the United States and for that reason most of the investing VinaCapital does within the Vietnamese stock market is in the bond market. Regarding limits on the Vietnamese market, the government raised the foreign ownership limit for equities and removed the foreign ownership limit for bonds in order to improve liquidity and jumpstart the market.

              VinaCapital also has its own charitable organization called the VinaCapital foundation that does philanthropic work throughout the country. The foundation is funded through VinaCapital and has multiple branches. The branches include testing and providing surgery for kids with congenital heart disease, helping children who have hearing impairments, and also providing scholarships to encourage students to stay in school.

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