VinaCapital Investment firm in Vietnam

VinaCapital is one of Vietnam’s largest asset investment firms. Essentially, they take foreign investors’ money, invest it into growing projects such as real estate to make money and improve the economic stability of the country simultaneously. Their company guide/spokesperson spoke extensively about how the economy functions, not going into much detail about what VinaCapiptal does, how it works, etc. However, it was still very interesting to hear about the economy from an Engineering graduate from Stanford. He told it like it is and gave us honest answers. For instance, he told us, “You all will be fighting an uphill battle, so hopefully you know how to code!”

After his presentation came another about VinaCapital foundation, a charity dedicated to directly improving the lives of children and families in Vietnam. They take money and donations from people to fund scholarships, children heart surgeries, medical care, and everything in between. I got the vibe from the presenter that they truly care about the individual, or about whomever they’re working with, whereas larger charities tend to usually care about giving the charity’s CEO a pay raise. And especially because VinaCapital is an investment/asset management firm, it’s easy to slip into the unethical investing black hole, and this company engaging in the community and helping those in significant need conveys that VinaCapital cares about what they do and wants to see Vietnam improve as a country.

Thus far, it’s been a unique experience to say the least. I’ve seen thousands of motorbikes on the roads and it’s simply incredible to see the flow of the people on the roads without crashing. It’s nice to bond with the UEF Vietnamese students because you really get to learn about what they do and how their culture is different from ours and what it’s like being a Vietnamese college kid.

See you tomorrow.

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