Another Day, Another Blog

Hello hello!

Today was busy. We started out with breakfast at the Chorus Cafe and from there walked to Griffith College for the first time. The weather was stunning– warm, bright, and sunny (a major change from the dreary, rainy days we’ve experienced so far). I really enjoyed walking through the Dublin neighborhoods on our way to the college.


After recapping the past few days, we left Griffith and headed to Eaton. Eaton, a multi-billion dollar power management company, has been around for 111 years and provides safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable products and services for consumers and businesses across the world.

After an introduction to Eaton, they split us into groups and had us think of AI solutions for potential problems in resources and finance that the company might have. This brainstorm session really made an impact on how I view not only innovation in general but how I can affect it.

I can already see personal skills and strengths that will allow me to innovate in my career. An example of this is my ability to look ahead and be proactive. It’s important to anticipate the future and where market trends are going, and I think that with more experience, this skill will serve as a great tool in innovating in any business setting, whether it’s an established corporation or small start-up.

There’s always room for improvement, though. Over the next year or two I hope to continue to develop my knowledge of computers and technology. I also would like learn how to code or program since learning those skills would give me a deeper understanding of technology, allowing me to have a well-rounded view of what innovative change needs to happen.

I left Eaton with a new perspective on innovation. I’m excited to see companies through this new lens as we continue our site visits!

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