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Allow me to start off the blog today with a quick recap. Today did not turn out to be what I expected it to be. Bright and early in the morning, we went off to University of Austral in Buenos Aires and had a lecture about the ministry of health in Argentina. Even though the lecturer did no talk exactly about what we expected, we were fortunately enough to learn about the federal system and the correlation between the educational and health care system in Argentina as well. After some personal research and the information acquired from the lecture today, I would like to discuss some of the advantages of the federal system and it’s effects on the health care system as well.

Starting on a broader note, the federal system in nature has a lot of advantages. However, there is one that I would like to point out that is particularly important regarding the history of Argentina – it offers protection away from tyranny. During the year 1976, a right-wing Argentinean group named coup d’état overthrew former president Isabel Perón and its leader Jorge Rafael Videla became president. Under his cruel ruling, around 30,000 people died under ways of public execution, secret concentration camps and so on. In this situation, a well established federal system would be a tool to prevent the actions of the president as his or her power would be dispersed within the system. A well established federal system should be able to diffuse the president’s power should a tragedy as such happens.

Other than some of the major benefits of the Federal system, it also plays a role on the formation of the health care system. Most importantly, a federal system offers a health care system that is more unified than one that is not. This is crucial to the economy as a unified health care system lowers the cost on health spending and impacts the economy positively. By the government controlling the system through negotiations and regulations. It eliminates the administrative costs of dealing with the different private health insurers, which is reflected through the price that citizens like us have to pay. All and all, today was informative regarding learning about the culture and government systems of Argentina.

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